Types of Glass Splashbacks

There are two main types of splashacks:

Mirrored Splashbacks

The mirrored splashback come in three main shades: See Gallery

A) Silver Splashbacks – the Sivler splashback is closest to a normal mirror look, it is toughened and can be used behind the cooktop

B) Grey Mirror splashback – The Grey mirror splashback has a darker shade then silver splashback and can be used behind the cooktop

C) Bronze mirror splashback – The Bronze mirror splashback is a light bronze splashback and can be used behind the cooktop

2.Painted color splashbacks See Gallery

The Painted glass Splashbacks can be painted in any Dulux or Taubmans color, The splashbacks can be used behind the cooktop.

Excellent Glass Splashbacks manufactured in Sydney

Glass splashbacks can be a spectacular addition to any kitchen space, offering a completely fresh touch of classiness you are dreaming for. Modern, elegant and unique, our splashbacks have the true charm to transform any ordinary space into a practical sophistication. Meticulously designed in our warehouse, we have designed our each and every product to add an extra element of opulence to almost any renovation.

At Splashbacks Sydney, we are committed to offer an innumerable range of finest quality splashback. From toughened glass splashbacks to DIY splashbacks, you will have the opportunity to explore an extensive range of splashback designs to choose one for your kitchen environment.

Grey Mirror splashback
Grey Mirror splashback

Here, you can have a thorough glance at a variety of splashbacks: 

Painted Toughened Glass Splashbacks

Toughened glass splashback is considered the most renowned splashback choice because of two key reasons – one it is easy to clean and another is available in an incredible range of prints and colors. Moreover, they can withstand the heat from cooktops as made of toughened glass which crumbles into tiny granular portions rather than shattering into pointed serrated remains.

Painted splashback comes in unlimited exciting color options! Whether you want to a subtle blend of colors or wish to have a matching color with your home décor, at Splashbacks Sydney, we provide you infinite painted splashbacks that are durable and easy to clean.

Mirror Splashbacks

Amongst the modern homeowners, mirror glass splashback is a quite popular choice! The splashback lets you open up any space by bouncing the reflections and light throughout the kitchen. The mirror splashback comes in grey tint, bronze tint or light shade mirror tint. The tint may vary in color ranges. In terms of safety, mirrored glass splashback range also confirm to as2088 Australian standards.

DIY Splashbacks

DIY glass splashbacks just give us the measurements, we will prepare the order, ready for you to install.

What can you expect from Splashbacks Sydney?

Extensive range of hand-picked splashback designs and styles

At Splashbacks Sydney we have a wide collection of splashbacks in attractive styles and designs. Therefore, you can enjoy picking a particular design that can enhance the look of your kitchen décor.

Durable options

We use high-quality material in the construction of all types of splashbacks hence these are designed to be durable and sturdy. Our splashbacks will reduce the exposure to food spills, dings, splatters, water and highly resistant to breakage.

Easy to clean

No worries if sometimes you don’t get much time to clean your splashback! The key advantage associated with the glass material used in the making of our splashback is that it is easier to clean.

Supply and Install

We don’t believe in wasting your time so, we offer door to door delivery service of your required splashback, at your desired location in Sydney! we will come out do a check measure and be back in about 5 to 9 working days to install.

Enhance the look of your kitchen space

If you want to install a splashback in your kitchen for giving it a stylish and attractive look! For this purpose, we have numerous colored splashback to pick from.

So, if you are remodeling your building or kitchen, you must consider splashback in your kitchen as it will serve the practical purpose of shielding your walls from splattering, staining and many more. And, we can provide you with your required splashback in the region of Sydney at the reasonable price range.

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